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Would You Like Your System To Have A Humidifier To Maintain Comfortable, Energy Saving Humidity Levels During The Dry Heating Months?(Required)
Problematic Dry Air
  • Increased Personal Discomfort
  • Increased Breeding Ground for Viruses
  • Cracked Paint and Plaster
  • Increased Static Electricity Damage
  • Dried Out Wood Floors and Furniture
Would You Like Your System To Effectively Control Humidity For Greater Comfort, Better Air Quality And Lower Energy Bills?(Required)
Too much humidity can create a breeding ground for...
  • Bacteria
  • Mold
  • Dust Mites
aggravating allergies and asthma
Your home comfort system should provide both comfortable temperatures and comfortable humidity levels.It is recommended that indoor humidity be managed to be in the 40-60% range.
Please Select The Level Of Air Filtration That Best Fits Your Needs:(Required)
Click Here to view our Air Filtration Options
Would You Like To Bring In Fresh Air And Exhaust Stale Air Without The Wasted Energy And Discomfort Of An Open Window?(Required)
A ventilator will help to dilute:
  • Cooking Orders
  • Pet Orders
  • Odors from Paints and Chemicals
Ventilator Benefits:
  • Odor dilution
  • Introduction of fresh, outside air
  • Reduces energy loss to a minimum
Please Choose The Level Of Thermostat Functionality You Are Interested In:(Required)
Click Here to view our Thermostat Options
Please Choose The OUTDOOR Sound Level That Best Fits Your Needs:(Required)
The quietest OUTDOOR units have two speeds (high and low) and run on low speed about 80% of the time with longer run cycles for dramatically reduced sound levels and less on/off disturbance.
Please Choose The INDOOR Sound Level That Best Fits Your Needs:(Required)
The quietest INDOOR units have a variable speed motor and run on low speed about 80-90% of the time for whisper quiet operation. They also have longer run cycles and gradual ramping up/down for less on/off disturbance.
Are You Interested In A Variable Speed System?(Required)
Advantages: Systems with variable speed blower motors have significant advantages over single speed systems.
Greater Comfort
  • Reduced room temperature fluctuation
  • Better humidity control
  • Quieter operation due to motor ramping up and down slowly vs on/off
Improved Indoor Air Quality
  • Air cleaners only filter the air when the blower is on - variable speed can run continuously for just pennies a day
Save Money
  • Lower energy bills
  • Improves system heating & cooling performance
  • Energy Star rated

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Customer Reviews
Anthony B.

“Had a little issue and our Trane went off the track. Bryan arrived promptly, provided exceptional service and very friendly. We are so happy our Trane is back on the track. Praise God!!”

P&D Bradley

“On Sunday night around 8pm my furnace decided it didn’t want to ignite. I called the number not expecting anyone to answer, to my surprise my call was answered. A tech was sent to my house in about an hour and he got my heat going again. So we didn’t have to freeze during the night. They were very affordable and the tech was super nice and knowledgeable. Thank you so much for getting my heat going and a freezing Texas night.”

Sharion S.

“Prompt, trustworthy and so professional. We have done business with them for many years. I highly recommend their people and their service! Kim, Kendall, Bryan and Nathan are awesome.”

Camden W.

“By far the best hvac company I’ve dealt with. When our system was having problems due to its age, we contacted ~8 different companies. These guys were by far the most professional, communicative, and quick. They went above and beyond to meet our needs, and installed a new system at a reasonable price. I promise you will not get a better experience anywhere else.”


“Great people to work with. Have had then to the house twice both time no pressure on repairs or up sales. They do take care of us the customer recommend yall give them a call. Thank you again for helping while I’m getting back on my feet.”

Tye S.

“Contacted The Comfort Pros one morning when I noticed my AC line outside was froze. They were friendly, and got me right on the list for service. By 12:15pm Nathan, and Jose were at the door. Diagnosed the problem within 20min, and had it up and running in 30min. Completely honest about what was wrong, and the price was not bad at all. Definitely referring, and using these guys in the future.”

Chad H.

“They are incredibly professional, and do a great job! They are trustworthy, and only repair what is required to be fixed.”

Chet D.

“Comfort Pros is my Go To for AC work on our home. Their techs are professional and quick to identify and solve the problem. They have typically been out same day I’ve called for an appointment. This is a Blessing when the AC isn’t working.
Their follow-up is great too.
Five Stars All The Way!”

Tracy B.

“I recently had The comfort pros change out my heat pump system to a modern 2-stage Trane system. They did an excellent job, very professional. Based on Kendall’s recommendation they added another return air vent. It balanced the house air flow, the new system works awesome.”

Vernon R.

“Super people, honest, down to earth, great service and value…. won’t use anyone else”

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